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Everyone’s Online - Or Not?

Do Tips Booklets Still Work?

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It's the question of the day, either spoken or thought, now over 25 years since launching the successful tips booklets phenomenon in 1991. It may seem like “everyone” is online and maybe you and many people in your world are. It can be tough to escape, depending on what you and those around you do. This class offers you simple yet powerful ideas and a peek beyond your screen that you may never have considered, ways that immediately breathe new life into your business and new money into your bank account.

The session explores:

  • Who your market is and ways they’ll use your information
  • How the Internet and free downloads are “and” not "or” for hard copy
  • Why snail mailboxes are now opportunities for you and your business
  • Ways to make money from your bite size brilliance



You’re bound to come away from this program with a new-found heightened respect for the small yet power-packed tips booklet.  It’s also very likely you’ll now have more ideas surfacing and dancing around in your brain than any one person can implement in a single lifetime whether online or offline. You've been warned.

Come find out for yourself by going here - now, while it's on your mind.


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Finally, a Way to Create Profitable Products

from What You Already Know --

in Days (or Even Hours!) Not Weeks, Months, or Years

Booklets and Beyond -

Making More Money Today Online and Offline



Did you miss the live classes of this course?

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What if you could quickly, easily, and inexpensively create an information product from what you already know – a proven product that puts thousands of new dollars into your bank account now and for years to come and markets your business at the same time? 

You’d jump at it, wouldn’t you?

Maybe you always wanted to create a book or an audio program or a home study course or some other product. It seemed like too much work, you weren't sure where to begin, you had no clue how much it would cost to create, and how or if you'd make any money at it -- REAL money, that is.

Then it's a matter of determining who has the best answers for you and how much THAT will cost so you've got something that works for you and for your business.

Almost every week people ask me if “how-to” tips booklets are still viable as a product – either for marketing a business, selling as a stand-alone product, or both, especially with so much happening now online with social media.

The answer is a resounding YES!

In fact, in some ways, tips booklets are even more viable and successful now than they’ve ever been in the past 20+ years. There are more ways to create the product, more ways to use it and distribute it, more ways to re-purpose the content, faster and easier ways to get to the people you want to reach, more opportunities to leverage what you know, and lots more ways to make money doing it.

If you are a consultant, coach, speaker, author, solopreneur, or small business owner, then this is definitely for you.



Made Lots of New Revenue and Helped More People

From a 3-line blurb about my booklets in the prestigious business

newsletter The Kiplinger Letter, I've had $10,000 booklet sales, paid speaking engagements, consulting and writing assignments, and requests about booklet licensing agreements. This happened all within just a few months after publishing my booklets.

Joan Stewart




I know you're swamped, really, I do. There's so much going on in your business -- so many great ideas whisking past you -- a never-ending stream of bright shiny objects to grab your attention, each one more appealing than the next. How the heck do you choose what to do and when to do it, while staying any kind of sane much less profitable?


After hearing these questions repeatedly, I’ve put together a series of four 60-minute hype-free, content-rich audio sessions to help you navigate your way through this. In each session I'll personally bring you specific ideas, step-by-step approaches, and road maps you can do now, today, this week.

Regardless of whether you are early in your business or have been doing it for 20 years these answers are applicable across the board, readily adaptable for your unique needs so they work best for you.

Everything I’m teaching you in these classes has been done successfully by me, my students/clients, or both! Practical and real stuff you can take to the bank, showing you opportunities that you may have unnecessarily overlooked or never even knew existed.

Oh, and by the way, I've also found things that don't work, too -- things that seem completely logical and likely, yet aren't worth the effort or just never end up happening. You'll hear about those, too.


 Door-Opener for Winning More Sales

My two booklets of powerful publicity tips opened doors for me and my business and created winning professional relationships. These have lead directly to sales of my products and services in ways I never could have done otherwise.  The proof is in my journey from desperate housewife to PR Diva and a thriving six-digit business helping others Get Known to Get Paid.

Nancy Juetten




Here's What You'll Experience in This

4-session Tele-Course

  • Keep more of your money – this is ¼ the cost of my private consulting.  
  • Enjoy a plain simple-language approach to revenue-generating concepts.
  • Have time to absorb and implement ideas at your own pace.
  • Discover a range of resources that streamline your process.
  • Continue referencing the sessions through the audio recordings.


International Sales and Increased Credibility

Shortly after completing the eBooklet version of my booklet, I had an information request from the U.S. State Department about my membership building training. As part of my response, I sent my booklet. A week later they hired me to go to Europe and talk to the former communists about how to build membership organizations in their countries. My booklet is now translated into Serbian and Albanian! The booklet gave me credibility to go from local speaker to international expert and author.


John Bailey 




Take a Peek at What's Covered in Each Module

This course has been strategically designed so you can maximize the information. Each session builds on the one before, in a logical sequence.


Booklets and Beyond - Making More Money Today Online and Offline

-  the course -

SESSION 1 - Create a Product Now

Whether it’s your first product, your next product, an entire product line, online, or offline, create it now, in a few short days not weeks or months – faster and more easily. And it’s ready for sale or distribution sooner than you’ve ever imagined.


  • Simple cornerstone products to quickly get you started
  • The best product format for your work style so it gets done
  • Creating other products based on the first one

SESSION 2 - Partnering for Profits

Expand your reach, your creativity, and your bottom line by partnering on a specific marketing campaign while completely keeping your independence as a solopreneur, no matter what size client base, subscriber list, or community you have. 

Find out:

  • Who can be ideal partners for your business
  • What to offer in a partnering arrangement
  • How to design a good agreement in simple language

SESSION 3 - Funding Sources

If you think digging into your own financial pockets each time you want to create a product or develop a marketing campaign is the only way to go, you’ll be delighted to learn other ways to successfully accomplish your goal.


  • Creative offers to your clients that work for you and them 
  • Making more use of your untapped existing “real estate”
  • “Crystal ball” approach that lets you make more money by spending less


SESSION 4 - Recurring Product Revenue

Whether your client is a solo business owner or major corporation, you can develop recurring revenue opportunities to continuously support them while smoothing out your own cash flow peaks and valleys, online and offline.


  • How and when to introduce the client to the concept
  • Pricing options for best value and best client retention
  • Duration of the offer and obligation of the client




  • PDF guides with supplemental information are included for each class in addition to the recordings and transcripts.


  • A private un-moderated LinkedIn Discussion Group has been created for the attendees from these classes. This lets you connect with each other so you can brainstorm, do joint ventures, make referrals, have an ongoing mastermind to tap into, and use in whatever ways work best for you – at no additional cost.


Great ROI on This Investment

Within a short time of working with you, I created a booklet that easily sold thousands of copies. Your products and services produced an excellent return on my investment, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others who want to raise their visibility or increase income.

Gerri Detweiler, Consumer Debt Expert



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Pre-Sold a Booklet Before Ever Writing a Word of It

One of my clients commissioned me to create a new publication of my own for them, and simultaneously placed an order for tens of thousands of copies once it was done, before a single word had been written. They ordered similar quantities of my other titles throughout the year. It makes for an abundant continuity program and they are turning millions of pounds as a result.

Peter Thomson, UK




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Immediate Results

I'm finding a mixed strategy of sales and giveaways is the most flexible and makes the most sense for me. Handing something to someone who just attended an educational session was such an instant and powerful sealing of my expert status. Within ten days of that presentation, I received three attendee inquiries, two of which became firmly scheduled paid consulting sessions. Never had THAT result from a seminar before!

Mary Shafer





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