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Membership Associations Need Non-Dues Revenue From Great Sponsors To Thrive


Companies Can Never Reach Buyers Like "Front Line" Association Members Can


Discover an easy, long-lasting, powerful, cost-effective solution  -- an instant product and instant "front line" marketing team.


Not only does sponsorship money live on beyond an event, the investment reaches further than just the association's members --to the members' clients!



Solutions That Live On: 

Co-Authored Sponsored

How-to Tips Booklets




Increase Your Reach and Bottom Line

  • Spread your message in print and online
  • Expand your profits and market share
  • Help more people


Companies are partnering with Associations of Consultants, Coaches, Speakers, Solo Practitioners, Small Business Owners, and other Professionals for outstanding results.


Association Members Promote Their Sponsors

Members market their sponsors to the media, to individuals, and to audiences sponsors could never reach on your own, at ANY price. We show them how.


Lasts Longer and Costs Less

In Print and Online

Booklets don't get thrown away. They get passed around, given out, and endlessly shared, online and offline, complete with sponsor details each and every time.

Sponsorship investment costs less than most advertising and publicity campaigns and lasts longer.




Association Members Provide How-to Tips Content

Association members give their clients, customers, readers, students, and audiences how-to tips every day, sharing their expertise with those who want more.

Telling them tips is not enough -- often gone in a moment. Booklets are a learning tool, a marketing tool, and a bridge to what's next, for association members and for sponsors.


What's Next?

  • Content contributors get time-tested learning tools and first-hand teaching on how to use the booklets. A live group teleclass (also recorded for later reference) teaches proven, easy-to -implement marketing approaches.
  • Booklets include Format A) 14 content contributors OR       Format B) a maximum of 100 content contributors. These numbers work best. It's a large enough critical mass for successful cross-marketing and for offering useful information.


  • People enthusiastically give away and/or sell the sponsor-branded booklets. And the media loves them. Participants get interviewed because they are among related resouces easily found in one place -- media darlings for online and offline journalists and talk show hosts -- mentioning the sponsor in interviews.


Magic Sauce

While the tips booklet writing style and format are certainly anything BUT rocket science unto themselves, the magic sauce is in what to do with those booklets and content once they're done.  THAT'S what makes the difference in the results sponsors, associations, and participants get.






          Opened New Doors

"Producing the booklet has opened all sorts of new doors for me and has given me a credibility I didn't have before, both with myself and others. A couple of my Australian colleagues are now really interested in producting booklets, too."

Wendy Buckingham





Booklet Samples


Of course you want to see some samples. Do that by clicking the two links or two covers below to open each format sample PDF:

Booklet Sample Format A) - 14 content contributors - 2012


Booklet Sample Format B) - 100 content contributors maximum - where these all started in 2001, before websites were expected as a business address and the

learning of the past decade!


Yours will look the way your association

and sponsor want it to look.




New Product and Service Sales

"From my booklet sales, I've had paid speaking engagements, consulting & writing assignments, and requests about booklet licensing agreements. This all happened in just a few months after publishing my booklets."

Joan Stewart




Who Does the "Doing?"

We take the "doing" off your hands so your association and your sponsor do what they do best and our company does what we do best.

No need to add more tasks or learning curves to anyone else's plate!


Here's What We'll Do


  • Receive and edit tips from your participants
  • Oversee professional graphic design and printing
  • Provide sponsor-branded PDF booklet and JPG cover
  • Teach participants to use booklet online and offline
  • Fulfill all orders
  • Consult with association and sponsor so everyone succeeds


                Great ROI

"We were very pleased with the organizing booklet you did for our catalog. It increased sales by 13%. Among our existing customers it generated an increase of 8% in the average order as well as 7% increase in response rate. Among our rental lists, there was a significant increase in average order. Thank you for being so easy to work with."

David Hochberg, VP Public Affairs

Lillian Vernon Corporation




                Easy to Do

"Paulette's "Collection of Experts" booklets were super-easy to put together! She's got it all figured out, making it easy to recruit participants. She provided a pre-written invitation letter I could customize, and was right there for anyone's question ready to call or email an answer. She kept me constantly updated as we gained participants. It required so little effort on my part, other than knowing the right people to invite! Our finished product is fabulous!"


Terri Zwierzynski

www. Solo-E.com





     Simple for Our Members

"Thank you, Paulette, for your wonderful turnkey  process . It was educational to go  through .I really enjoyed working with you. You've made this  so simple for me and for our association members. Your manual is inspiring, by the way. "

Janice Campbell





 Already Did a Booklet and Constantly Marketing?

Reach a wider market. Whether your company, association, or participants ever wrote a tips booklet or not, this is different.  Each time anyone gives or sells a co-authored tips booklets, they expand the audience beyond what any individual marketing effort can do. Period, simple as that.





    Sold Hundreds of Thousands

"I certainly believe in the power of booklets. I've written several customized booklets translated into four languages, selling over 250,000 copies. My clients want quick, simple how-to's to easily implement. Booklets are among my all-time favorite recipes for success."

Susan Friedmann




Who Is Behind This Idea?

That would be Paulette Ensign. She has personally sold well over a million copies of her booklet, “110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life.” She is well-versed in associations through many leadership roles since 1987. For over 20 years, Paulette has brought successful experiences and outstanding results with tips booklets to individuals, companies, and associations.

You're next!



     Become an Instant Author

"If you're struggling with a book idea start writing immediately for a Collection of Experts Tips Booklet instead. You become a published author, have others marketing your work, and can make money selling the booklet in single or bulk sales. The Collection of Experts motivated me to start writing again!  Working with Paulette was a joy as well as educational."  

Shirley K. Poll

National Family Caregivers Association,

NY State Representative






    New Business from Old Clients  

"I got lot of the new product inquiries within a couple of months of doing that booklet saying, ' I received your booklet. I’ve been meaning to do this project with you.  I want you to help me with this audio project I’m putting together or this promotional idea.  Can you help me?' It's new business from new, current, and past clients as a direct result of receiving a copy of this booklet from me."

Caleb Scoville








          Increased Credibility

"Thank you Paulette for your expertise in helping me realize a dream of becoming published. The Collection of Experts is a great way to get a small piece of your work published, which in turn gives you credibility and can add momentum to future, more in depth writing projects and publications." 

Rico Austin







      Increase Visibility and Income

"Within a short time of working with you, I created a booklet that easily sold thousands of copies. Your products and services produced an excellent return on my investment, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others who want to raise their visibility or increase income."

Gerri Detweiler, Consumer Debt Expert






     Instant Product in Minutes

"Paulette, wow!!! A new product born in the minutes not days it took to write my expert tips!! Again, you have shown the world what a great marketer you are and, more important, a wonderful creative person! Thanks."

Craig Nathanson, The Vocational Coach


Helping those over 40 to discover and do what they love!



Your Next Steps

Let's explore what's best so you can have results you want.

We will co-craft the ideal solution for you based on print run size, sponsor(s) budget, number of sponsors, number of content contributors, and your particular requirements.


Let's Talk Now

Contact Paulette Ensign at Tips Products International.

Email or phone the California office at 858-481-0890.





          Booklet Brings Paid Consulting

"I'm finding that a mixed strategy of sales and giveaways is the most flexible and makes the most sense for me.

Handing something to someone who's just attended an info session and saying, "You can find my contact info on page 15 of this brand new collection of tips from OTHER experts" was such an immediate and powerful sealing of my own expert status. 

In the ten days since that presentation, I've received three inquiries from those attendees, two of which resulted in firmly scheduled paid consulting sessions. Never had THAT result from a seminar before!"

Mary Shafer