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Ordering and Refund Policies and Guarantee

Products are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects, though most of our products are now downloadable. Please let us know immediately of any problems so a replacement can be issued. If, due to unavailability, the actual product replacement cannot be made, we will credit the full purchase price toward future purchases of Tips Products Internatonal products or services.

All sales are final. If a product or service is returned or cancelled, the full purchase price will be credited toward future purchases of Tips Products International products or services.


Privacy Policy

Tips Products International does not sell, distribute, or otherwise make any personal information provided to us, including your name and email address, available to any third parties.

Please contact us about any concerns you have so that we may correct and/or improve on what we provide to you and to anyone else we can serve in the future.


+1 (858) 922-9768 (mobile) - Pacific Time






Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time