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Our Additional Sites

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AssociationBooklets.com - membership asociations are forever seeking ways to generate non-dues revenue and add meaningful benefits for their members. This site is dedicated to making it as easy as possible for your association to do just that. This has now been expanded to become SponsoredBooklets.com (see below)


CollectionOfExperts.com - do you have a group of 7-14 businesses who want to become instant authors and have an instant marketing team? If so, this site is for you. We will help identify a theme for your booklet and get this done faster than you can imagine so you start benefiting immediately.


SponsoredBooklets.com - live event hosts and membership associations want risk-free ways to expand their reach and bottom line with meaningful benefits for attendees and members. This site offers unique sponsorship enhancements, with recurring revenue and endless shelf life for the event host/association, sponsor, and content contributor.