Attention small business owners,

consultants, and solo practitioners...


Are you baffled, overwhelmed, and confused  by all the choices for leveraging that ton of great content you've generated and knowledge you have?


And all those unfinished attempts you've made to write a book that never seem to get done, or maybe not even started?


Maybe you don't have a clue where to begin, so you don't begin at all.

You're embarrassed by having no products or very few. PLUS your entire income is based on exchanging time for money,  whether it's time on a plane or time with a client.

Who has time to take a vacation or worse, get sick or take care of someone else who needs your attention?  


That can all change, and it can change right now.

Turn Your Tips Into Products and

Your Tips Products Into Moneymakers

You have lots of tips to share.

Imagine converting them into REVENUE!

What do you do with your tips when you turn them into booklets and other products once they're created? How do you make tons of money?

Discover great results in your business.

The Booklet Author Success program

shows you how.



From the desk of Paulette Ensign

Tuesday,  9:03 am


Dear Tips Products Author,

Wait 'til you see the real-life solutions I've put together for you. And this resource, the Booklet Author Success program is the one and only place you can find those answers.

My name is Paulette Ensign. I know how you feel, wondering about how to turn all those experiences, all that knowledge into cash. what it takes to do all of that.

You may be asking yourself questions like:

    • What are really good investments of your time?
    • How about suggesting some good alternative investments of your talents?
    • What does it take to be an independent publisher and not write a book?
    • What else can you do with all your pent-up writing desire besides writing a novel?
    • Can you retire, maybe even take early retirement?
    • How can you earn more than just collect social security?
    • What are some ways to reinvent yourself?
    • Do people really want to know about what you know?
    • Can you create something truly meaningful and helpful that isn't a whole book?

Nine tips booklets authors - people just like you - had many of the same questions and concerns. They generously revealed how they resolved those questions, each in their own way. They got beyond their doubts and created outstanding results, results best suited to them and to what they wanted to accomplish based on how they each define success.

A few went blindly into the unknown, forging ahead on a wild adventure, discovering great rewards along the way. Others made large time investments researching each step they took. Some were already a published author. Most were not.

They either started a product line with a booklet or expanded the products and services they had by doing a how-to tips booklet, on their own or co-authored with other people. They all had sound bites -- tips -- to share about their expertise and experience. While the tips had to do with their business, the tips were not all business tips. The tips and experiences they shared were valuable in work, play, personal, and professional life.

Some booklet authors have grown their company and made lots of money by selling and strategically giving away their booklets, because that's what they wanted to do. Others wanted to bring in just a bit more than they already had. Each had their own vision, their own goal, their own purpose, their own definition of success.

You can you match and surpass their results if that suits you. They remember what it was like when they started their journey. No matter where you are on yours - if you are just starting or you've been at it for awhile - they will give you ideas you never considered, I promise you.

Maybe you have more time now that you're in retirement or the kids are grown and you enjoy seeing the grandchildren periodically.

You may still be full steam ahead in a job or in your own business, with or without any family, wondering how you can squeeze in one more minute. You don't have to squeeze in another minute as much as easily do two things at once. Capture those pearls of wisdom while you're doing something else. We'll show you how to easily and simply do that.

Here's just a few ways the people who were interviewed used their tips booklets:

    • Created new and greater income streams
    • Served as marketing tools to sell their other products and services
    • Became building blocks to become other formats (e.g. audio, downloads, etc.)
    • Offered more product choices, companions to products, or triggers to sell services
    • Repurposed into other formats in hard copy and downloadable
    • Became guides for delivering and expanding services
    • Collaborated with other professionals for joint marketing

These people tell you what they did so you can repeat and even exceed their success. This is the only place you can get this information, available now for the first time.

You're probably wondering who these people are. Here are the folks I've hand-picked especially for you from the US and the UK. They graciously share their knowledge and experiences in this Booklet Author Success progam.

Here we go-

Peter Thomson,
leading UK information product developer shares:

  • Pre-selling 16,000 tips booklets before writing a word
  • Daily activities that sold thousands of copies to his clients
  • What prompted him to create a whole series

Caleb Scoville,
who owned an audio services company in Oregon tells:

  • Why a collaborative tips booklet was his starting point
  • Uses for booklets in his audio and video service business
  • Sales results he got from giving it away

Andrew Chapman,
publishing professional on both US coasts, discusses:

  • Where 1000's of booklets sold about straight A's in college
  • How he expanded beyond his initial publication
  • Magic in choosing a topic that keeps generating new clients

Nancy Juetten,
public relations agency owner in Seattle, talks about:

  • Pluses of partnering with a local charity & business journal
  • Developing a product line around her two tips booklets
  • Why she started with two instead of one

Kathryn Merrow,
neuromuscular massage therapist in Michigan, reveals:

  • How she brought in $225 for 2 copies of her tips booklet
  • Ways she leverages her content within her practice
  • Ideas rumbling around in her head that she has yet to do

Marlene Chism,
speaker and author in Missouri, lets you in on:

  • A simple thing slowing tips booklets sales until she fixed it.
  • Ways large quantity buyers used 10's of 1000's of copies
  • Other high-priced sales prompted by booklet sales

Meggin McIntosh,
speaker, consultant, and coach from Nevada divulges:

  • How it serves her buyers to see 3 tips booklets at once
  • Surprise she discovered about her primary buyers
  • The biggest purpose her publications have served

Kathie Nelson,
professional networker and speaker in Oregon, discloses:

  • How her tips booklet gives her more exposure
  • Why she choose to start with a collaborative effort
  • Specific benefits to her bottom line

Susan Friedmann,
speaker and author in upstate New York, lets you in on:

  • Her journey repurposing same content into other formats
  • Secrets to selling hundreds of thousands of tips booklets
  • The success of a series and where that took her



What people are saying about the

Booklet Author Success Series



"Paulette is one of the sharpest publishing minds I have met. She has created and carved out a niche that's all her own in this business. When she speaks or gets others engaged in the conversation as she's done with the Booklet Author Success Series, she gets our mind hampsters running in overdrive."

Robert Goodman

Publishers and Writers of San Diego founder

Independent Book Publishers Association past board member


“Thank you for presenting the Booklet Author Success Series. I enjoyed it a lot, and received several new ideas for product development and marketing tips.”

Karen Belyan



"Paulette’s products showed me how to QUICKLY create a tips booklet out of my already existing materials related to pre-employment assessments. The booklet enhanced my credibility (I became an author overnight).It became its own profit center, and has been the foundation for other products. The booklet model REALLY appealed to me because although some day I would like to write a book, that day is not today. From the first thought to the final product was only about 4 weeks. The neatest thing of all is that while the booklet is its own profit center, it continuously markets my other products and services. Thanks, Paulette, for bringing these other experts in to share their results that mirror yours."

Michael Spremulli, President



“I listened to your excellent course and followed as much of your advice as I could in one go.  As a result I wrote my first booklet - How to Write Objectives That Work.  I took some along to a workshop on objective setting with 10 people on that workshop. I provided (at additional cost) one to  each of them.  At the end, I said "If anyone wants more copies of the booklet, let me know."  I sold 52 more copies. Then we sent  a copy to 30 people from our data base that we had not done business with for a long time, or had never done business with (according to your suggestions).  The very next day one of them phoned asking about large order discounts. They wanted 5000 copies. They ordered the first 1000 and hope to buy a further 4000.  I sold 40 copies of the next booklet - Difficult People Made Easy - before it was even printed. And we've now written many more booklets and created other products from what we've learned from you. Thank you very much for your excellent advice and help.” 

  Nancy Slessenger

Vine House essential, UK



"Within a short time of working with you, I created a booklet that easily sold thousands of copies. Your products and services produced an excellent return on my investment. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others who want to raise their visibility or increase their income."

Gerri Detweiler

Consumer Debt Expert


First-hand, real-life, person-to-person reporting of how others promote their products, services, and causes with tips booklets.



Here's what you'll get, jam-packed with new information:


  • Three hour-long mp3 recordings of the interviews of 9 tips booklet authors
  • PDF transcript of the sessions



The newly revised 5th edition downloadable PDF of

"How to Promote Your Business with Booklets"

==> with the original booklet in it,

"110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life"


So what's new in the 5th edition?

Here's just some of the new stuff in it:

  • Dozens of ways to leverage your booklet for past, current, or new buyers (p.7)
  • Sample product sheets - pre-sell your product line before creating it (p. 91)
  • New and surprising examples of how booklets brought in new sales (p. 9)
  • Using social media to promote and sell booklets, beyond the obvious (p. 41)
  • Direct links to useful resources that streamline your process (p. 20)

We left only what's important, the core of it:

  • Formula for creating a useful tips booklet (p.1)
  • Strategies for finding large-quantity buyers (p. 24)
  • Anatomy of a large-quantity sale - step by step (p. 27)
  • Licensing your tips booklets (p.35)
  • Step by step from start to finish (p.45)
  • Pricing guidance (p.10)
  • Marketing to the media (p.18)
  • "110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life" booklet that started this (p.95)
    and a whole lot more



Even if you have an earlier version of "How to Promote Your Business with Booklets" , you're sure to learn something new in this one. That's why you are getting it free as part of this Booklet Author Success program so you can succeed beyond your wildest imagination.


What the heck are you waiting for? Get these tips booklets author interviews and the 100+ page manual this moment, (once your payment has been approved) today, before you forget about it, so I don't have to bug you to get something you'll thank me for later, many times over.

Get all of this today for only a one-time invesment

Ok, you've heard enough and want to have it already, huh?

I look forward to sharing all of this with you so you can have the same and even better results than those who have come before you.

To your success as you stay open to the possibilities,

Paulette Ensign

P.S. - Remember, here's what you get in the Booklet Author Success program:

  • Three hour-long mp3 recordings of the interviews of the 9 tips booklets authors
  • PDF transcript of all the interview sessions
  • FREE BONUS - "How to Promote Your Business with Booklets - newly revised 5th edition downloadable PDF" with the original booklet "110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life." Still thinking about it, are you? Ponder it too long and you'll miss learning about valuable experiences that can make you more money faster and get your message out there further.

You will need Adobe Reader, iTunes or another MP3 player to access all of these products.



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