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Paulette Ensign
Founder and

Chief Visionary

Since 1991

As seen in

Wall Street Journal,

New York Times, Boston Globe, Entrepreneur Magazine and   more.



Bring your membership   association new marketing and   mission-related non-dues revenue.




Confused by Content Marketing?

It's Easier Than You Think


Help People Improve Their Life!

Isn't that What You and Everyone

You Know Wants?


Share Those Bits and Pieces of Knowledge

in Your Head with Thousands and

Thousands of People at a Time


Make Money from Your How-to Tips You

Tell People Every Day - Online and Offline


Major businesses have made millions by using

tips booklets and content as promotional tools.  


Get seen by companies, associations, and the media worldwide, who want your content as a marketing tool for their products and to vet your expertise. How-to content works as your business card for what you and your buyers sell, in print or pixels.


Triggered Increased   Revenues

“Paulette has made a huge impact in helping me generate new business for my CEO coaching practice by leveraging my existing content to connect with new audiences in a differentiated and powerful way.  This has resulted in engagements to facilitate annual company planning sessions, generated several new high-value coaching clients, and even led to an opportunity to co-author a full-length book with a celebrity author.  All this additional success without additional effort; what a great idea!”

Sheldon Harris